Environmental and Engineering Services

Cardinal Resources was founded in the environmental and engineering services business. As our water treatment system business grows, we continue to provide quality services for clients independent of our systems and our customers who purchase systems. Our services range from design of custom systems to water distribution systems, from regulatory considerations, to finding and assessing appropriate water supplies.

Remediation and Engineering Design

Cardinal Resources has provided remediation services in active and inactive industrial, mining, and waste disposal sites throughout the US and around the world. Our depth of experience gives us the ability to take your clean-up project from concept to completion in a focused, cost-effective process. We strive for remediation methods that incorporate natural processes and minimize long-term operation and maintenance. Our design engineers develop remediation systems using creative and open-ended thinking, taking into account economic, safety, and environmental factors and codes of practice.

Removing an old underground oil tank

Placing gravel bedding for a drainage pipe

Excavating contaminated soil from a tight spot

Environmental Investigations

Cardinal Resources has experience completing a full range of environmental investigations, from Phase I Environmental Site Assessments through complex Superfund-level remedial investigations. Our key to cost-effective environmental investigations is to consider cleanup goals and strategies in the early planning stages.

Soil core descriptions

Drilling for water and soil assessment

Groundwater sample collection

Regulatory Consulting

Cardinal Resources is experienced in the full-range of environmental regulatory programs and can support clients in determining what reporting, monitoring, or remedial actions are required. Our personnel provide in-depth research and analysis for resolution of any environmental regulatory problems.

Evaluating drum storage

Wastewater and Storm Water Management

Cardinal Resources considers both conventional approaches and innovative strategies focusing on sustainable, low-energy, low-chemical approaches for:

  • Rain water/storm water management
  • Industrial and sanitary wastewater treatment
  • Sustainable low-impact wastewater treatment

We incorporate green infrastructure techniques that use natural systems or engineered systems to mimic natural landscapes to capture, clean, and reduce storm water runoff.

Water plants for green storm water management

Green infrastructure storm water pond

Water Supply

Cardinal Resources can assess the chemical and biological quality and quantity of surface water or groundwater supply sources, and advise on appropriate treatment or improvement of existing treatment approaches. We provide turn-key water supply service from concept through implementation.

Collecting a stream sample

Evaluating a community borehole