CRB 10

The Community Red Bird System – 10 is designed for smaller communities or can be combined to serve larger communities.  It is housed in a standard 10-foot intermodal container and is transportable to most locations.  Although transportable, including by air transport or helicopter, it is not designed to be routinely moved from site to site.  All components, including the solar array, are stowed within the unit during transport, therefore it takes about a day to assemble the array and fully deploy the system.  It is important to identify the size of the community, the estimated water usage per person, and clean water storage capacity, in advance of selecting the size of the system.  The system is designed to be integrated with an exterior water storage tank (provided separately), and will shut down automatically when the storage capacity is full.  The system will be sized right for the community if water is being used at about the rate that it is being produced.  With long lasting patented Red Bird filters, and trained (training included) local operators, communities can have clean, great tasting water at fractions of a cent per liter or gallon using the Community Red Bird System-10.