Technical Support for Blacksmith Institute

Cardinal Resources proudly supports Barbara Jones, one of our most senior and experienced professionals, in the work she does through Blacksmith Institute (, a non-profit organization that works with the UN, European Union, and other groups around the world to solve pollution problems and clean up polluted sites.  She has worked both as a volunteer and a technical advisor for Blacksmith Institute in pollution problems as far-ranging as lead contamination from artisanal mining in Nigeria to pesticide contamination in former Soviet Union countries in Central Asia.  We applaud Blacksmith Institute’s important and impactful work, and encourage our employees to share their time and talents, in keeping with our mission of Clean Water Clean Environment Worldwide.

Assessing a pesticide landfill in Kyrgyzstan with Blacksmith Institute

Working with Blacksmith Institute to remediate a Soviet-era chemical plant in Ukraine

As a Blacksmith Institute volunteer, working with communities in northern Nigeria clean up lead-contaminated soils resulting from artisanal mining